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Send emails which your customers want receive. Show them products which they want view. Help them with the buying process.
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Premium support

Premium support gives you the option to hire our team to provide you basic help with our products. We can help you with installation and configuration of our plugins. For example, if you don't know how to generate eBay keys or how to get a sandbox account in Klarna or UPS, just purchase the premium support service. Please note that we need access to your store and sometimes access to FTP server or third party portals. So be sure that you will send us the access keys after purchase. If you are interested in purchasing premium support, just check the proper checkbox during purchase. 

All premium support tasks will be done within 24 working hours after we get an access to your store. 

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You are able to show 50 banners, send 50 emails from customer reminder and show 3 recommended and 3 related products. 

Increase sales
Increase automation
Increase conversion

- Banners

Specify after which action banner should appear. You have few options of customization.

Banner can appear after:
- Registration
- Adding order
- Adding product to cart
- URL Referrer
- URL Current

- Recommended Products

Specify how many products will appear on the choosen widget zone. Choose products which should appear when customer is assigned to specified customer role. Different products for different customer roles. 

- Related Products

Marketing automation allow to automatically add related products. You may define maximum number of products, how plugin should compare if products are related. It is based on category, manufacturer, specification or tags. If some of them are this same, then plugin will display products as a related.

- Customer Reminder

Make your email more friendly, save your time and set up automatical reminders. You can choose different actions:
- Last activity
- Last purchase
- Birthday
- Registered customer
- Completed order
- Unpaid order
- Abandoned cart

You can specify unlimited levels of customer reminder, each level is fully customizable and can be different. Each email will be send after specified time period. 

- Scheduler

Schedule all marketing automation actions in time which you want. 

- Multi store and multi language support

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