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Issue with automatic re-listing of eBay items

  • Wysłany: 3 months ago
Hi nop4you-Team,

since a few weeks we enjoy using your eBay PlugIn for NopCommerce (v3.8), which in general works pretty good. But we are facing some issues and need your help.

We sent some products to eBay. These had in most cases ListingType=FixedPriceItem and one product with ListingType=Chinese.
eBay Task are enabled an running on our machines (Update Stock=all 240 Minutes; Import Orders=all 120 Minutes).

If the eBay item/aution ended, after a while the product gets automatically re-enabled by the plugin. And this is our issue. For some items this is useful, but for some items we don't like it.
The item we offered as "Chinese auction" got re-enabled, regardless the fact that the item was sold in the original auction. This was a little anoying because we had to cancel the aution while one bidder already sent his price offer to eBay.

We think this happens when the "Update Stock Task" wakes up, but this is just a guess.
On the config page "eBay - mass export of products" we use these settings:

Action for already sent product  = Send as new
Override the setting of product  = Off/Not checked

On the eBay tab of the product in NopCommerce we could not find anything comparable.

In our opinion automatical re-listing of a product as eBay auction should be configurable per product.

Is this a bug or did we missed something in the configuration?

The use-case behind that is this one:
We are selling our stock keepers via eBay and we would like to lower the price if we did not manage to sell the product with the initially set price.
If not configured otherwise on a product, it is not desireable that products get re-enabled at eBay automatically.


  • Wysłany: 3 months ago
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Automatic update was disabled for auction at the nopCommerce 3.90. In your nopCommerce version it was by design.
To solve your issue, you may disable automatic task, or just upgrade your store to new version.
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